31-е Седиментологическое совещание в Кракове


Krak?w will host an IAS meeting for the second time, 29 years after the IAS 7th European Meeting in 1986. The IAS annual meetings are an excellent opportunity to share research experience and progress in ideas, to discuss all new hot or controversial topics, to initiate collaborative projects, and also to become acquainted with the sedimentary successions and their studies in the host country.

Meeting Themes:

  • T1. Physical sedimentary processes
  • T2. Biotic sedimentary processes
  • T3. Chemical sedimentary processes and diagenesis
  • T4. Geochemical record of sedimentation
  • T5. Economic sedimentology
  • T6. Freshwater carbonates
  • T7. Alluvial, colluvial and lacustrine depositional systems
  • T8. Aeolian depositonal systems
  • T9. Glacial depositional systems
  • T10. Volcanic depositional systems
  • T11. Shallow-marine depositional systems
  • T12. Deep-marine depositional systems
  • T13. Carbonate platforms and reefs
  • T14. Cycles and rhythms in sedimentary record
  • T15. Sequence stratigraphy: eustatic vs. tectonic control on sedimentation
  • T16. Environmental sedimentology: challenges of global warming and geohazard prediction
  • T17. Sedimentary record of climate change
  • T18. Trace fossils and environmental analysis
  • T19. Remote sensing, imaging and numerical modelling in sedimentology
  • T20. Geophysics in sedimentology
  • T21. Research frontiers in sedimentology
Krak?w will host an IAS meeting for the second time, 29 years after the IAS 7th European Meeting in 1986.

Требования к кандидатам

You may submit your abstract by visiting the Ex Ordo abstract submission system (you will be required to setup an account first): http://ims2015.exordo.com

Any questions or requests for further information should be sent to ias2015@uj.edu.pl, with correspondence limited to the presenting author. All the submitted abstracts will be evaluated before their acceptance. The authors should suggest their preferred mode of presentation (oral or poster), but the ultimate possibility of oral presentation will be decided by the organizing committee and session chairpersons according to the available time of particular sessions.

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