EAAE (Agricultural and Applied Economics) PhD Workshop


The objective of the EAAE PhD Workshop is to give European PhD students the opportunity to present their research in progress in a conference setting and to get feedback from peers and senior economists. Participants will benefit from plenary sessions in which keynote speakers present their most recent contributions and provide guidance on how to successfully carry out research in the agricultural economics domain.

The workshop welcomes submissions by PhD students at any stage of their PhD, as well as students who complete their PhD in 2015. There will be two types of contributions: contributed papers and posters presentation. Proposals are welcome in the areas of agricultural, environmental, food and development economics. Proposals should be submitted in English through the workshop website and in the form of extended abstracts.

Конференция в Италии для PhD студентов по сельскому хозяйству.

Требования к кандидатам

Two kinds of proposals, in the form of extended abstracts, can be submitted:

A) Papers: in the papers sessions there will be 20 minutes for each paper presentation and the discussion will be opened by a discussant (10 minutes for each paper). The deadline for submitting the extended abstract is  31 January 2015. Students who submit papers are asked to indicate in case of rejection of the paper whether their work could be presented in the poster sessions. 

Contributed papers submission deadline:
January 31, 2015

The final paper should be distributed in advance. The deadline for the submission of the full paper is 30 April 2015.

B) Poster presentation:in the posters sessions there will be 15 minutes for the presentation, without a discussant, of works in progress with preliminary results. The deadline for submitting the extended abstract is 31 March 2015. Students are not expected to distribute materials in advance.

Poster presentation submission deadline:
March 30, 2015

All proposals are to be submitted in English and should follow the authors guidelines below.

"Paper proposals: authors guidelines" pdf

"Poster presentation proposals: authors guidelines"pdf

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